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Twain Harte Meadows Park: Phase One Complete

We have some exciting updates for our Twain Hart Meadows Park project including completion of the first phase – The Bocce Court Improvements. With the finishing touches on this portion of the project in place, we are thrilled to announce that the next phase of the Twain Harte Meadows Park will be underway soon thanks to a $3.75 million grant that was recently awarded to Twain Harte CSD through the State Water Resources Control Board’s Stormwater Grant Program. The grant agreement is anticipated to be finalized in the fall and construction could begin as early as summer 2022. 

May contain: porch, patio, tree, plant, outdoors, and pergola

A Little History

For those who aren’t familiar with the Twain Harte Meadows Park project, our community has worked together over the last few years to design a new park on a 1 acre parcel located in the center of downtown. The property was generously donated to Twain Harte CSD by a long time resident who had a dream to create a beautiful park area where family and friends could gather to relax, play and enjoy the beauty of our charming mountain community. The new park will have a mountain meadow theme and will include a large meadow, outdoor pavilion, picnic and BBQ areas, local history, water play and learning area, town Christmas tree, Me-Wuk Indian plant garden, and other great features. To learn more about how Twain Harte Meadows Park began and how the the Final Conceptual Plan was developed, please visit our Meadows Park History and Development page.

What is Phase One?

The first phase of the Twain Harte Meadows Project focuses on enhancing the existing bocce courts. The Bocce Court Improvements serve as the core connection between Eproson Park and Twain Harte Meadows Park. New improvements include:

  • Court Shade Structures: Wooden shade structures will be placed over each end of the court, providing a more enjoyable experience for people who would like to play bocce in the heat of the day. The shade structures will also be equipped with lights to accommodate those games that push into dusk.
  • Covered Picnic/Gathering Area: The seating area will be expanded by adding a 16’x24’ pavilion next to the existing courts. The pavilion is sized to house 4 to 6 large picnic tables, providing a shaded area for people to enjoy while playing bocce, picnicking or watching the concerts in the park. With large scale timber and rustic architectural design modeled to match the larger future outdoor pavilion, the bocce pavilion will aesthetically tie all the structures together with a look that reflects our mountain community.
  • Landscaping and Rainwater Tank: The new patio area will be landscaped for shade and aesthetics that will serve as another way to ensure the new park visually connects with Eproson Park. A rainwater collection tank will also be incorporated into the landscaping to capture rainwater from the pavilion roof.  The water will be used to water the landscaping and the Community Garden. The area will be fenced with a split rail fence to create a more open feel and to match the existing fence that surrounds the well house.
May contain: patio, porch, pergola, and wood

Phase One Progress

May contain: patio, flagstone, porch, pergola, and slate

Our contractor began work on the Bocce Court Improvements in July 2020 and, in true Twain Harte community form, volunteers started pitching in right away. Members of the community helped sand and stain all the lumber, we couldn’t have done it without their dedication and hard work!

The construction was completed in the fall on the 16’x24’ pavilion, expanded patio area and shade pergolas at each end of the courts. We extended the metal stair railing around the edge of the new concrete patio extension at the end of the lower bocce court to provide a safe place for players to stand in between turns.

Additionally, the rain tank that captures pavilion roof rain water for the community garden has been placed. We removed the existing fence, installed a new, split rail fence and did some grading. And we've also added some beautiful rocking at the base of the pillars to add to the rustic charm that complements our mountain community.

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May contain: person, human, soil, tree, plant, ground, fir, and abies

The final piece of the puzzle was the landscaping aspect which was a huge success thanks to the amazing group of volunteers who came out and planted the area around the bocce courts and the new rain garden and bioswale that runs from the rain tank in front of the skate park. Additionally, the team from Watershed Progressive (Regina, Eli & Jami) hosted a phenomenal workshop that included education on drought tolerant, native planting and rainwater harvesting.

May contain: nature, outdoors, building, countryside, rural, hut, road, gravel, and dirt road

With the project complete, we were ecstatic to be able to celebrate and dedicate the Bocce Court Improvements to Twain Harte CSD's and Twain Harte Homeowner’s late board member, Jim Johnson. 

This project would not be possible without the tremendous dedication and hard work of our community members, a Sonora Area Foundation grant, a State water conservation grant and many generous donations from residents and businesses. Thank you!

Future Phases

We have received many questions regarding plans for the next phases of the Twain Harte Meadows Park project. The recently awarded stormwater grant will cover more than half of the community-designed features of the new park, making it fully functional for community use and enjoyment.  Only the large outdoor pavilion, restrooms, parking area and BBQ/picnic areas are not included in the grant.  The mountain meadow, historical/cultural path, water play area, Me-Wuk garden, outdoor learning labs and other features are all included!

The grant is an amazing win for our community and Meadows Park is just one of the benefits!  The Project brings Twain Harte CSD, Tuolumne County, Twain Harte School and Tuolumne County Resources Conservation District together as community partners to enhance water quality in our creek and lake, rehabilitate our failing storm drain system, improve water supply reliability, reduce erosion, create fire safe landscapes, and provide fun, interactive education that will empower residents to do the same on their properties.  The collaborative and innovative nature of the project coupled with the hands-on outdoor learning labs in Meadows Park makes Twain Harte a model and learning center for other communities.

Some of the new Project features (in addition to Meadows Park), include:

  • Rehabilitation of deteriorated storm drain from the shopping center to the park, eliminating the risk of dangerous sink holes, improving water quality and reducing sedimentation in the creek.
  • New sidewalk and gutters along the east side of Joaquin Gully through downtown to provide better storm water flows and pedestrian access.
  • A large tank at the School to capture and clean stormwater from the storm drain, providing water for their field, reducing the need for treated water supply, and decreasing creek flows in storms.
  • Rain tanks at the School to capture rainwater off building roofs to be used for landscaping, reducing the need for treated water supply.
  • Replacement and expansion of paved parking area with permeable paving at the Twain Harte CSD office and fire training facility to support regional fire training, infiltrating storm water into the ground, reducing storm flows and existing flooding.

The grant agreement is anticipated to be finalized in the fall and construction could begin as early as summer 2022.  We are still hopeful that we can obtain grants for the remaining portion of Meadows Park.  We are awaiting word on one grant application submitted in March and have another opportunity to apply in September. Both grants would fully fund the remaining Meadows Park improvements.

How to Get Involved

We maintain an email list of community members who want to be involved in this great community opportunity. The list is used to keep people informed about the development process and upcoming community forums. If you would like to be added to the list, please email us at and let us know how you might want to be involved.