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Awarded Grants

Our staff works hard to reduce customer costs. In addition to continually evaluating and adjusting our operations to improve efficiency, we endeavor to obtain as much outside grant funding as possible. Below is a list of the grants we’ve been awarded since 2013.

ALL GRANTS                          $9,374,410$5,064,338$622,249$609,787$3,078,036
COMMUNITY STORMWATER ENHANCEMENT $3,748,732 $2,102,951 $- $213,575 $1,432,206
Improves water supply reliability, water quality and fire safety by capturing rain and stormwater at the District Office and Twain Harte School. Repairs degraded storm drain system and constructs 60% of the new Twain Harte Meadows Park. 
TWAIN HARTE MEADOWS PARK$1,202,700$-$-$-$1,202,700
Completes the construction of the new Twain Harte Meadows park area adjacent to Eproson Park in downtown Twain Harte. 
WATER SUPPLY RELIABILITY WELLS $725,000 $725,000 $- $- $-
Constructed two new groundwater wells to improve water supply reliability.
SEWER SYSTEM ASSESSMENT $500,000 $- $500,000 $- $-
Completes a condition assessment, hydraulic model, video inspection and inflow/infiltration audit of the sewer system. Identifies and prioritizes needed capital projects and applies for construction grants.
WATER SYSTEM ASSESSMENT $499,053 $499,053 $- $- $-
Complete a condition assessment, hydraulic model and water loss audit of the water system. Identifies and prioritizes needed capital projects and apply for construction grants.
WATER SUPPLY WELL $252,211 $252,211 $- $- $-
Constructed one new groundwater well to improve water supply reliability.
TREE MORTALITY $236,973 $122,327 $114,646 $- $-
Removed approximately 500 dead and dying trees that threatened water and sewer facilities and lines.
PARK IMPROVEMENT $177,952 $- $- $- $177,952
To be used to construct new improvements (TBD) at the District's park facilities.
BOCCE COURT IMPROVEMENTS $86,000 $- $- $- $86,000
Constructed a pavilion, shade structures, patio area, landscaping and rain capture tank at the bocce courts.
FIRE EQUIPMENT $72,301 $- $- $72,301 $-
Procure new and replace deteriorated fire hoses, nozzles, radios, gear and other fire equipment. (8 grants) 
CRITICAL FACILITY POWER RESILIENCY $60,000 $28,000 $- $16,000 $16,000
Install standby generators to provide continuous operations during power outages at Well #1, Community Center and SCBA (fire breathing apparatus bottles) Fill Station and District Fuel Station.
Procure new and replace deteriorated structural, wildland and other firefighter personal protective equipment. (3 grants)
FIRE VENT TRAINING TRAILER $56,000 $- $- $- $56,000
Procured a mobile fire training prop to train firefighters to safely vent roofs and force entry into a vehicle.
CURBSIDE SLASH REMOVAL PROGRAM $46,095 $- $- $46,095 $-
A single year program to encourage fire safety by collecting and diposing customer's slash and green waste
COVID RELIEF FUNDING$39,884$11,650$6,203$17,023$5,008
Funding for unanticipated costs and loss of revenue due to COVID-19.
TENNIS COURTS IMPROVEMENTS $35,800 $- $- $- $35,800
Provides for ongoing improvements, maintenance and repairs of the tennis and pickleball courts.
Procured vehicle equipment necessary for the Twain Harte Emergency Response Team to assist firefighters in emergencies and to provide emergency related education to the community (5 grants).
NEW PLAYGROUND$31, 818$-$- $- $31,818
Replaced aging playground at Eproson Park with new, bigger play structure.
Constructed a live fire training facility for realistic training and installed an SCBA fill station to refill firefighter air bottles. (2 grants)
CERT EQUIPMENT $19,210 $- $- $19,210 $-
Procured equipment and protective gear necessary for the Twain Harte Emergency Response Team to assist firefighters in emergencies and to provide emergency-related education to the community. (3 grants)
WELL #3 GENERATOR $18,000 $18,000 $- $- $-
Installed a standby generator to ensure continued water supply at Well #3 during power outages.
SHADYBROOK SPILLWAY UPGRADE $17,870 $17,870 $- $- $-
Repaired and reinforced Shadybrook Reservoir spillway to protect from erosion during flooding.
UNMANNED AERIAL VEHICLE (UAV) $17,500 $- $- $17,500 $-
Procured a UAV with thermal imaging capability to quickly locate spot fires in low visibility and victims inside of a burning building without endangering firefighters.(2 grants)
TENNIS & PICKLEBALL COURT UPGRADES $15,998 $- $- $- $15,998
Repaired and resurfaced tennis courts and constructed two new pickleball courts.
BATTERY POWERED JAWS OF LIFE$15,868$-$-$15,868$-
Procure battery powered jaws of life to be used for rescue during vehicle accidents. 
HEART START ONSITE AED$15,836$-$-$15,836$-
AED's will be placed in strategically located Twain Harte Businesses making Twain Harte a Heart Smart Community. 
Replace old, malfunctioning standby generator at the fire house to provide continuous operations during power outages.
EMERGENCY ALERT HORN $15,000 $- $- $15,000 $-
Install an emergency alert horn to notify residents of evacuations and other emergencies.
FIRE RADIO SYSTEM $14,398 $- $- $14,398 $-
Replaced outdated fire radio communications equipment. (2 grants)
VEHICLE JAWS OF LIFE $11,000 $- $- $- $11,000
Procured battery operated equipment essential to rescuing passengers in car accidents.
Procured a trailer for the Twain Harte Community Emergency Response Team to assist first responders during emergencies.
ENERGY EFFICIENT LIGHTING $7,295 $7,295 $- $- $-
Upgraded old lighting at water facilities to energy efficient lighting.
SKATE PARK RENOVATION $6,394 $- $- $- $6,394
Replaced aging wood skate park obstacles with concrete.
FIREFIGHTER REHAB VEHICLE $5,000 $- $- $5,000 $-
Procured a vehicle to assist with firefighter rehabilitation activities on fire events to reduce risk of firefighter cancer and heart attack.
Reimbursed customers for installing water-efficient toilets and showerheads.
COVID-19 RESPONSE EQUIPMENT $3,000 $1,000 $1,000 $1,000 $-
Procured protective gear and equipment to enable safe emergency response to COVID-19 patients.
FACILITY SECURITY $2,857 $- $- $2,857 $-
Procured security cameras and fencing to protect District facilities.
FIRE APPARATUS iPADS $2,004 $- $- $2,004 $-
Equipped all fire engines and vehicles with iPads for improved response efficiency.
BOARD LEADERSHIP TRAINING $1,600 $752 $400 $288 $160
Paid tuition for District board members to attend the Special District Leadership Academy.
FIRE ENGINE REPAIR $1,337 $- $- $1,337 $-
Emergency fire engine repair.
Installed security camera system at Eproson Park in an effort to reduce vandalism.