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Committee Meetings


To help slow the spread of COVID-19, in compliance with Governor's Executive Order N-25-20, we will be holding all board meetings remotely via teleconference using ZOOM.  Anyone will be able to observe or participate in these meetings.  

Our next committee meetings will be held on Wednesday, September 2, 2020.  You can join the meetings by computer, smartphone, tablet or telephone.  Meeting details will be announced at least 72 hours prior the meetings:

Regular Committee Meetings

Committee meetings are a great place to become involved in our District.  The Board's standing committees exist to improve the Board's effectiveness by providing a public platform to formulate, develop or vet potential board discussion/action topics in detail prior to Board meetings.  Committees often work on operational issues, project planning, budget review and policy development related to the committees designated area. Committees make recommendations to the Board, but do not take action.

At this time, the Board has established four standing committeees:

  • Fire Committee
  • Water & Sewer Committee
  • Park and Recreation/Citizens' Oversight Committee
  • Finance & Policy Committee

Committees consist of two members from the Board of Directors (appointed by the Board President each year), the General Manager, related staff and appointed members of the public. Click the below link to see this year's committtee meeting times and members. Upcoming and past committee agendas are also posted below.

2020 Committee Schedule & Members.pdf