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Sewer Services

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Our District collects and conveys wastewater for the community of Twain Harte - approximately 1,500 residential, commercial and public facility connections.  Our operations staff  jet and clean sewer lines and manholes, perform sewer line video inspections, install new sewer connections, repair sewer main backups, lay new sewer mains and respond to all emergency sewer calls. Although not required by the State, our staff hold and maintain sewer collections certification licenses issued by the State of California.

Collections System 

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Sewer Jetting

Our sewer system consists of approximately 25 miles of sewer lines that collects wastewater from individual residential, commercial and public facility sewer laterals across the District. Most of the system conveys wastewater via gravity flow, but three areas require a lift station to pump wastewater out of low lying areas where gravity flow is not possible. The wastewater is conveyed through our sewer mains to the Twain Harte Wastewater Plant, which is owned and operated by Tuolumne Utilities District (TUD), It is pre-treated there before finally being conveyed through TUD"s sewer interceptor lines to the Sonora Wastewater Treatment Plant (also owned and operated by TUD). Wastewater that has been treated is conveyed to Quartz Reservoir outside of Jamestown and 100% of it is recycled for agricultural use.

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Vacuum Trailer in Action

Sewer Equipment

It takes a variety of large equipment to maintain sewer mains and to respond in sewer emergencies. Our District owns and operates the following major equipment (among others):

  • Vacuum Trailer - Used to vacuum wastewater out of manholes that are backing up and to bypass (pump around) manholes to make repairs.
  • Sewer Jetter - Used to jet (clean) sewer mains to remove build-up and roots intruding into lines.
  • Video Trailer - Used to inspect sewer mains for problems and routine prevention. Uses a robotic camera to traverse through and video the system.
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Tuolumne Utilities District's Wastewater Treatment Plant (Sonora)