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First Phase of Twain Harte Meadows Park Underway

We are thrilled to announce that the first phase of Twain Harte Meadows Park project is currently underway and off to a fantastic start. Thanks to a Sonora Area Foundation grant in honor of late board member Jim Johnson and generous donations from our community, we have begun the bocce court improvements. The enhancements made to the bocce court will serve as the core connection between Eproson Park and the new Twain Harte Meadows Park and will provide a small preview of what's to come in the larger new park area.

Twain Harte Meadows Park Development

In 2016, a local resident donated a 1-acre vacant parcel to our District with a dream of creating a beautiful park that would draw the Twain Harte community together for generations.  The dream began to take shape over the past two years as community members gathered to collaborate in brainstorming sessions, surveys and interactive design workshops to create a beautiful conceptual design that reflects the desires and charm of Twain Harte and its residents.  See our Final Conceptual Plan for more information on what's included in the design. 

Twain Harte Meadows Park will provide a mountain meadow recreation area where community members of all ages can gather to play, relax, and enjoy the beauty of our mountain community for generations to come.  

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Final Conceptual Design 

To learn more about how Twain Harte Meadows Park began and how the the Final Conceptual Plan was developed, please visit our Meadows Park History and Development page.

What is Phase One?

The first phase of the Twain Harte Meadows Project focuses on enhancing the existing bocce courts.  The enhancements are designed to match those to be constructed as part of the future larger park, providing a small preview of what's to come. 

  • Court Shade Structures: Wooden shade structures will be placed over each end of the court, providing a more enjoyable experience for people who would like to play bocce in the heat of the day. The shade structures will also be equipped with lights to accommodate those games that push into dusk.
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Shade pergolas over the first 10 feet of each end of the court


  • Covered Picnic/Gathering Area: The seating area will be expanded by adding a 16’x24’ pavilion next to the existing courts. The pavilion is sized to house 4 to 6 large picnic tables, providing a shaded area for people to enjoy while playing bocce, picnicking or watching the concerts in the park. With large scale timber and rustic architectural design modeled to match the larger future outdoor pavilion, the bocce pavilion will aesthetically tie all the structures together with a look that reflects our mountain community.
May contain: human and person
Bocce pavilion (16'x24') will provide shaded seating with rustic mountain aesthetics



  • Landscaping and Rainwater Tank: The new patio area will be landscaped for shade and aesthetics that will serve as another way to ensure the new park visually connects with Eproson Park. A rainwater collection tank will also be incorporated into the landscaping to capture rainwater from the pavilion roof.  The water will be used to water the landscaping and the Community Garden. The area will be fenced with a split rail fence to create a more open feel and to match the existing fence that surrounds the well house.
Rainwater Tank

With the project underway, we will remain open as much as possible but want to share that the bocce courts will be closed intermittently, with the goal of making continual great strides towards the estimated completion in early October.

How to Get Involved Right Now: Phase One

We are currently seeking volunteers to help us sand and stain all of the wood before installation. If you are interested in volunteering, please feel free to email us at or call us at 209-586-3172.

How to Get Involved: Future Phases

We maintain an email list of community members who want to be involved in this great community opportunity. The list is used to keep people informed about the development process and upcoming community forums. If you would like to be added to the list, please email us at and let us know how you might want to be involved.

Next Steps

We are currently seeking several upcoming grant opportunities through the State of California - there is more than $520 million statewide over the next two years. Although our initial grant application was unsuccessful, the state loved our project and the excellent community involvement that led us to our conceptual design. They have strongly encouraged us to apply for the upcoming grant opportunities.