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Community Design Workshop #1 

Thank you for Participating in our Community Workshop!

Meeting, people, chairs, screen
50+ gathered to provide input 

Heavy rains and power outages could not put a damper on community spirit when it came to participating in the first community design workshop for Twain Harte Meadows Park.  Over 50 people gathered at the Twain Harte Community Center on April 7th to collaborate and enthusiastically share their ideas with us.  It was a great step toward refining ideas for the new park area that is envisioned to be a place where community members of all ages can gather to play, relax, and enjoy the unique beauty of our mountain community.

The workshop started with a presentation of the results of the survey conducted in late 2017, including new ideas that were suggested in survey responses.  Click HERE for more information about the survey and its results.  Click the link below to view the presentation:

Presentation - TH Meadows Workshop #1
people sitting around a table discussing
Community design group hard at work.

After the presentation, there was a brainstorming session to discuss ideas collected through the survey and how some of them might be expanded or combined. For example, one community member stated that a temporary town Christmas tree could be placed in the middle of a water fountain play area during the winter when fountains were not operational. 

Community members of various ages then broke into groups to create their own designs, incorporating their favorite ideas within the limited one-acre space. All groups were given a blank plot plan of the park area, scaled cut-outs of each of the ideas for the park and markers to draw pathways and trees.  They were also given to example designs put together by local volunteers with landscape experience. 

You can view the example designs and group designs at the links below:

May contain: human, person, and white board
A design group presents their design.
Sample Design #1Sample Design #2Group Design 1Group Design 2Group Design 3Group Design 4Group Design 5

 Refining Workshop #1 Design Ideas

At the end of the workshop, every participant was given two voting cards to provide feedback on their favorite design features used in community group designs. Click on the following link to see the results of the vote and which ideas were most popular:

Vote Summary - Most Popular Design Ideas


The District's Park Committee held a public meeting in May to review the community designs, vote results and discuss how to refine designs and ideas for the next workshop. Survey results and common landscape architecture design principals were also considered when refining design ideas.  This discussion helped establish some essential conceptual design features and continued to narrow design ideas to those that are most popular and feasible.  A breakdown of the results are described at the below link:

Refined Park Ideas - Post-Workshop #1


May contain: housing, building, outdoors, shelter, nature, countryside, and rural
A large rustic mountain pavilion is among the most popular ideas and will likely be a main architectural feature of Twain Harte Meadows


May contain: water and fountain
A water fountain play area is among the most popular ideas for the new park.