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Park Development Survey Results - January 2018

Thank you for taking our Survey!

Our recent survey to rate and gather ideas for Twain Harte Meadows Park was a great success - we received more than 460 surveys. Those surveys included more than 35 new ideas and the names of more than 150 people who are interested in helping out in some way.  Thank you to all who participated!

Check out the survey results:

TH Meadows Survey Results.pdf


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Our Park and Recreation Committee and Board of Directors met twice in early January 2018 to review the survey results and to consider new ideas brought forth in the surveys.  The purpose of the meetings was to refine the list of ideas for consideration at an upcoming community forum.  25 ideas will continue on for consideration by the community. 21 ideas were removed from the list for various reasons, such as lack of space, facilities already exist, contrary to land donor's wishes, lack of community support and too much liability.

Check out the refined list of ideas, including reasons some ideas were removed:

TH Meadows Refined Ideas.pdf