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Why are there two fire stations in Twain Harte?

Twain Harte Community Services District's (THCSD) Fire Department, located at 18781 Cedar Drive,  provides emergency response and fire-protection services to all residents and structures in the District. While THCSD's firefighters are trained to fight wildfire, providing structure fire-protection is the Department's primary responsibility.

California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Cal Fire) is required by law to protect all State Responsibility Areas (SRA) from wildfire. The Cal Fire station at 22978 Meadow Drive is a regional SRA station strategically located in Twain Harte and staffed to fight wildfire within the SRA in our region. The County Fire Department also contracts with Cal Fire to provide emergency response and structure-fire protection to areas outside of the District, such as Brentwood Park, Lakewood and Cedar Ridge.