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Water Supply Information

The last six months rank as the 4th driest on record. The Sierra snowpack, which provides more than 40% of California’s water supply, melted quicker than normal and much more of it absorbed into the ground and evaporated into the air than we have seen historically. This means that the flows coming into our two small water storage reservoirs (Lyons and Pinecrest) are not sufficient to keep them as full as normal. In other words, our region’s water supply is very limited this year.

 Drought is "normal" in California and so we are always watching the water supply and planning to ensure our community has a reliable water supply no matter what may come. We have made several water supply reliability improvements since the last drought, such as installing grant-funded groundwater wells, but we still need to work together to protect our water supply. 

For more information regarding drought, rainfall, snowpack and water supply, please check out the links below: