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How to check for leaks

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Meter Box
  1. Turn off all water-using devices in your house. Do not turn off the main water shutoff to your house.
  2. Locate your water meter box and remove lid. Most water meter boxes are located in front of the house at the property line. Some boxes may be located in the back yard. Meter boxes should be labeled “METER” and “WATER”. Meter box lids may need to be pried open by inserting a screwdriver into the hole in the middle of the lid.
  3. Find your water meter and open cover. If your meter box has two meters in it, yours is the meter on the same side as your house (the other meter is your neighbor’s). Under the plastic meter cover, you will see a digital register.
  4. Activate your meter register with a flashlight. Shine a flashlight at the hole next to the flashlight symbol on the face of the meter to activate the meter’s digital register.
  5. Check your flow rate. Once activated, the meter’s digital register will flash two readings. The reading entitled “RATE” is your flow rate. If RATE = 0.00, you do not have a leak.  If RATE = more than 0.00, you have a leak. A RATE of 0.10 means you have a leak of 0.1 gallons/minute – about 4,300 gallons/month!
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Water Meter Register

If you have a leak...

  •  Check faucets and showers for drips.
  •  Check your toilets for leaks (get free leak detection dye tablets at the District office)
  •  Check irrigation system (may require a plumber)


Contact us if you need assistance reading your meter: (209) 586-3172