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THCSD Fire Ordinance Information

May contain: nature, outdoors, and mountain

In April 2015, our Board adopted Ordinance #30, which adopted the 2013 California Fire Code by reference, made amendments to the 2013 California Fire Code to better protect the unique condtions of our community, and to adopt defensible space requirements for unimproved (vacant) parcels. 

Since that time, California adopted the 2016 Edition of the California Fire Code.  On November 9, 2017, at a public hearing, the Board adopted Ordinance #30-01, which adopts the 2016 California Fire Code by reference and continues to make the amendments and include the defensible space requirements that currently exist in Ordinance #30.  The new Ordinance #30-01, replaces Ordinance #30 in its entirety.

A copy of the new Ordinance can be found at the below link:

Ordinance #30-01 - Fire Code