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Budget, Capital Outlay Plan & Salary Plan

Every year, we diligently assess what is needed for the year to continue to provide excellent water, sewer, fire and park and recreation services to our community.  Our budgeting process is thorough and is built on a value of continual process improvement, asking all of our staff, "how can we provide excellent services more efficiently?" We normally adopt our budget for the upcoming fiscal year in June at a public hearing. We also re-examine our budget mid-way through the year and make minor adjustments to make sure we are accomplishing what we set out to achieve, to optimize management of every line item in the budget and to account for the unexpected.

Here is a copy of this fiscal year's budget, which includes our capital outlay plan for each department (water, sewer, fire and park) as well as our salary plan:

Fiscal Year 2024-25 Budget, Salary Plan & Capital Outlay Plan


Here are approved budgets from the past 3 years:

Fiscal Year 2023-24 Budget, Salary Plan & Capital Outlay PlanFiscal Year 2022-23 Budget, Salary Plan & Capital Outlay Plan Fiscal Year 2021-22 Budget, Salary Plan & Capital Outlay Plan