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What is a Community Services District?

A community services district is a California Special District, a form of local government created by a local community to meet a specific need or needs. Inadequate tax bases and competing demands for existing taxes make it hard for cities and counties to provide all the services or the quality of services their citizens desire. When residents want new services or higher level of services, they can form a special district to pay for and administer them.  

Unlike most special districts that provide a single service, community services districts are formed through CA Government Code §61000 et seq. to provide multiple services to a community.  In fact, community services districts can provide up to 32 different services, such as water, garbage collection, wastewater management, security, fire protection, public recreation, street lighting, mosquito abatement services, etc.

A community services district can consist of any county or counties of an unincorporated territory or incorporated territory of a contiguous or noncontiguous area.  It is governed by a board of five directors, elected by resident voter to four year terms. Directors can be elected at large, by divisions or from divisions.