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UPDATE: Twain Harte Lake Declared Safe to Reopen Wednesday 

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June 29, 2021       


TWAIN HARTE, CA:  Twain Harte Community Services District (District) is happy to report that Twain Harte Lake has been declared safe for public contact and will reopen Wednesday. This update comes after experiencing a waste water spill that reached Twain Harte Creek last Wednesday, caused by a combination of roots, grease, swiffers and “flushable” wipes.

As reported last week, the Lake needed two consecutive clean samples to be declared safe by the County Environmental Health Department. Those test results can take up to four days to process. The first result, which was taken at the time of the spill to assess potential contamination exceeded state levels. All results taken thereafter have been below the required state levels, revealing the water in the Lake to be clean and safe for swimming.

A small portion of the Twain Harte Creek further upstream remains closed until further results are received. Test results have shown this does not affect Twain Harte Lake in any way, however, out of an abundance of caution, Tuolumne County Public Health is requiring the Lake to remain closed until Wednesday.

“We’re very glad the Lake has tested clean and declared safe to re-open on Wednesday. Our crews are working hard to do everything possible to prevent this from occurring in the future. It is an unfortunate reminder that we live in an area where root intrusion is prevalent and it is important to not pour grease down the drain or flush swiffers and baby wipes (even those that claim to be flushable),” said District General Manager Tom Trott.