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Construction site with dirt tracks, trees, and houses nearby under a clear sky.

We've hit the ground running in the new year and have made some great progress on the Twain Harte Meadows Park Project since breaking ground back in September. Thanks to a mild fall and the late arrival of winter here in Twain Harte, construction at the park site is ongoing. Lead contractor Njirich and Sons, along with the help of two other local contractors – Roberson Construction and Watershed Progressive, have made continual progress at the park site, which includes the following:

A glimpse of the planting and boulder placement
A glimpse of the planting and boulder placement
  • Topsoil deliveries with spreading and grading
  • Foundation construction for the pavilion
  • Underground utilities – water, sewer, and power
  • Restroom building foundation
  • Planting of some trees and bushes
  • Installation of one rainwater collection tank
  • Grading of all basins and bioswales


Construction will continue through the winter as long as the weather remains cooperative. Pavilion construction and planting will likely be on and off through this winter and should be complete in late spring when the restrooms will be set. We are planning for the park to be open in early fall 2024, but if all goes well, we are hopeful that it may be open this coming summer.

As a reminder, we maintain an email list of community members who want to be involved in this great community project and will be sending out regular updates as construction progresses.  There will also be opportunities for community involvement with planting activities and opportunities to learn about the different types of stormwater management included in the park.  These management practices are simple and can be implemented on your own property to save water, reduce erosion, improve fire safety and improving water quality in Twain Harte.  If you are interested in being included in these updates and activities, please email THCSD at

Underground utility installation
Underground utility installation