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THCSD: Dedicated to Rapid Response

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Water tender with 2,000-gallon capacity

THCSD focuses its emergency-preparedness efforts and resources on improving the fire department’s capacity for rapid initial fire response. Rapid response is enhanced by the District’s:

· Tactical water tender. With its 2,000-gallon capacity and 1,000-gallon-per-minute pump, the tender (photo at right) provides quick fire knock-down power.

· Raw-water draft point. The dry hydrant, put into service in May at Shadybrook Reservoir, allows for fast fill-ups while protecting the potable water supply.

· Live-fire training facility. This facility is used for both internal and cooperative, inter-agency trainings that improve efficiency and coordination of attack.

· Increased staffing. Three interns (one per shift) recently were hired, further improving efficiency: The fire department’s average on-scene response time is less than four minutes.

Updated September 2019