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Shadybrook Reservoir Algae and Lakeweed Treatments

Per our Aquatic Pesticide Application Plan (APAP) we are required to notify the public at the beginning of the treatment season. Please see below for information related to the treatment: 

How can residents obtain information on the application locations for a particular day? 

Residents can contact our District office at 209-586-3172 for information on application locations for a particular day. 

Statement of Intent to Apply Algaecide or Aquatic Herbicides 

Twain Harte CSD intends on using Seclear in conjunction with mechanical removal to limit chemical usage.

What is the name of the Algaecide and Aquatic Herbicide? 

The name of the Algaecide and Aquatic Herbicid is Seclear. 

Purpose of Use 

The  purpose of use  is to prevent the growth of nuisance algae and lakeweed that leads to foul taste and odors. 

What is the general time period and locations of expected use? 

Spring is the beginning of treatment season or when the water reaches 15 degrees Celsius.  The District will generally apply treatment the second week of each month during treatment season at both the upper and lower Shadybrook Reservoirs. 

Are there any water use restrictions or precautions during treatment? 
  • No use of water for 48 hours after application  
    • No Drinking
    • No Swimming
    • No Fishing
    • No Irrigation
For additional information 

Please contact the District office at 209-586-3172.