Replacing Old Sewer Line at Eproson Park

A sewer line replacement project at Eproson Park near the stage and outdoor dance floor is now underway. The District contracted with Peterson Excavation in September to replace the approximate 250-foot stretch of 10-foot deep, 6-inch diameter sewer line for a total contract cost of $86,400. 

The existing line is vitrified clay pipe that is more than 50 years old.  Since its original installation, it has developed two signifigant sags (or bellies) that make it difficult for wastewater to flow through the pipe.  The old pipe is also highly susceptible to root intrusion and, over time, roots have caused several significant offsets at the pipe joints, which are located every 3-4 feet.  The combination of the line sags, roots and offsets have caused frequent back-ups in the park.

The new line will be 6-inch PVC, which is far less susceptible to sags, offsets and root intrusion.  Construction of the project will be difficult due to the depth of the sewer line, high groundwater levels, sewage bypassing and the crossing of several degraded active culverts.  The project is anticipated to be complete by November 3rd. 

Please be safe and respectful of the contractor's work area and stay clear of this portion of Eproson Park until all work is complete..