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Replacing Deteriorated Waterline - Mono Drive

Old Deteriorated Steel Waterline with Rust Nodules on Pipe Interior

The District completed a project in June to replace a 360-foot stretch of old 2-inch steel water line on Mono Drive with new 6-inch PVC waterline.  The old line was deteriorated and a source of re-occuring leaks.  It was also undersized and not capable of providing adequate fire flows.  A new fire hydrant was added with the line replacement to further improve fire protection in the area.

This is just one example of many sections of deteriorated water lines that the District will be replacing over the coming years with funding generated by recent rate increases.

Rust nodules on the interior of old pipe restrict flows
New fire hydrant improves fire protection
New 6-inch PVC waterline will last many decades and is capable of providing adequate fire flows
New 6-inch PVC waterline