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Million Gallon Tank Rehabilitation Project Underway

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Roof Removal

A project to rehabilitate and recoat one of the District's 1-million gallon tanks is now underway.  The tank, built in the 1960s, is a critical part of the District's water supply system.  It is the final stage of the water treatment process and is used to ensure our community has sufficient storage for normal operations, fires, and other emergencies.  Tank rehabilitation will allow this tank to continue to serve this purpose for decades.. 

The project consists of a thorough rehabilitation, including:

  • Roof Replacement - the rafters supporting the existing roof have degraded due to corrosion and some have warped over time.  The new roof will have exterior rafters (existing rafters are on the interior of the tank) that significantly reduce corrosion over time and adds 5-10 years to the life of the interior coating on the tank.
  • Appurtenance Upgrades - Since the tank was built in the 1960s, some of its appurtenances (ladders, railings, fall protection system, etc.), no longer meet current codes.  This project replaces those appurtenances with ones that meet codes and provide for better safety and operation of the tank.
  • Interior and Exterior Coating - Both the interior and exterior paint coatings will be completely removed and recoated.  This is an expensive, but very important process that is usually required every 15-20 years to ensure that the tank's steel does not corrode.  If the steel does not corrode, a steel tank can have a useful life of 100 years.

Paso Robles Tank, Inc., was awarded the contract in early 2019 after a formal bidding process.  The project cost is $702,000.  The project is anticipated to be complete by September 2019.

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Existing rafters after roof removal.