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Last of Three Grant-Funded Wells Constructed

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Operations Manager Robb Perry (second from left) leads of tour of Well 3 for members of THCSD's board and the public.

At their February 2020 board meeting, THCSD’s board members and the public toured Well 3, the last of three grant-funded wells constructed to provide water supply reliability to the District. The District began constructing the first of these three wells in 2015 to provide an additional source of water during the historic drought. The goal of constructing the wells is to establish a water source that can be relied on for drinking, sanitation and firefighting during drought and other emergencies that impact surface water (THCSD’s primary water source). The three wells combined provide about 125% of the District’s winter water use. Although water use doubles in summer (in large part due to outdoor water use), winter use is considered to be enough for basic health and safety needs. With a water portfolio consisting of both surface and groundwater, THCSD’s water supply is much better suited to weather the predicted impacts of climate change. Well 3, located in the Sherwood Forest area, is in the testing stages now; THCSD anticipates that it will be online in the next month or so.