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How can we save water?

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Water conservation tips from THCSD.

Indoor Conservation

  1. Replace Old Toilets: Old toilets (like many in houses built before 1992) can use up to 5 gallons per flush, compared to 1.6 gallons per flush for newer toilets. Water Savings = 25 gallons/day
  2. Replace Old Washer: High efficiency washers use about 35% less water than older washers. Water Savings = 20 gallons/day
  3. Take Shorter Showers: Limit your showers to 5 minutes and use low-flow shower heads. Water Savings = 20 gallons/day
  4. Manage Faucet Use: Install a low-flow faucet aerator. Turn off faucet while brushing teeth. Scrape food into trash instead of pre-washing dishes before using dishwasher. Water Savings = 15 gallons/day
  5. Fix Leaky Toilets: Your toilet can leak without your knowing. Twain Harte CSD offers free toilet tank leak detector tablets to determine if your toilet has a leak. Water Savings = 20 gallons/day
  6. Fix Leaky Faucets & Showers: It’s not insignificant! A slow drip can add up to 450 gallons per month and a steady drip can add up to 750 gallons per month. Water Savings = 20 gallons/day

Outdoor Conservation 

  1. Use a Broom: Use a broom or blower instead of a hose to clean your driveway, deck and walkways. Water Savings = 80 gallons/clean
  2. Water Only as Needed: Up to 50% of outdoor watering is wasted by watering when plants don’t need water. The need for watering further decreases with use of mulch and drought resistant plants.
  3. Fix Irrigation Leaks: 50% to 75% of irrigation water is commonly lost to leaks in drip and sprinkler systems.
  4. Re-Use Water: Place a bucket under the sink or tub while you wait for water to heat. Use the water for watering plants, washing cars or flushing toilets. Water Savings = 10 gallons/day
  5. Winterize your Pipes: Several hundred thousand gallons of water are lost in Twain Harte every year due to water leaks caused by frozen pipes.