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February Communications Training

You are invited to attend the February Communications Training.  When an emergency happens one of the first things to break down is communications whether it be phones or internet service.  If we all take time to learn how we can mitigate this reality we will all be more prepared and less of a burden on first responders this will allow the first responders to focus on the emergency.

This month's training (free of charge and for all residents) will be the first step to keeping communication lines open.

Day:  Saturday

Date:  25 Feb 2023

Time:  0900-noon

Location: Community Center, 18775 Manzanita Dr, Twain Harte, CA

Presenter: Rich Combs


  • Why Emergency Communications is important. Not just for emergencies.
  • Emergency Communication structure in other CERT organizations
  • Radio Hardware   Pros and cons
  • FRS 
  • GMRS
  • Handheld
  • Mobile
  • Base stations
  • Antenna
  • Exercise: Operating, programming a radio 
  • Radio protocol 
  • Being a Net Control
  • Exercise:   Put it all together