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Twain Harte Meadows Park is nearing completion, and it is a sight to see! It has been amazing to watch the park's transformation, with each day bringing new developments and much progress. Lead contractor Njirich and Sons, in collaboration with local partners Roberson Construction and Watershed Progressive, have been hard at work at the site. Here is a glimpse of completed construction:

  • Cobbling the Water Drainages
    • Maintaining efficient drainage throughout the park will ensure optimal water flow even during heavy weather events. 
  • Pavilion Construction
    • With expert craftsmanship this large, rustic lodge pavilion will serve as a focal point for gatherings, picnics, and community events. 
  •  Water Feature Installation
    • A water play area, mimicking a mountain stream will provide an opportunity for hands on learning about where our local water comes from and how water plays an important role in our local ecosystem and everyday lives.
  • Restroom Delivery and Installation
    • An essential amenity for visitors' convenience and comfort with a rustic look and feel that ties in with the other structures in the park.
  • Boulder and Cobble Placement
    • Enhancing the park's natural aesthetics with carefully placed features.
  • Poly Tanks
    • Supporting water storage needs for irrigation and other purposes.
  • Sprinkler/Irrigation Line Installation
    • These systems are thoughtfully planned and installed to ensure efficient water distribution throughout the park year-round.

On May 29th around 40 people joined Twain Harte CSD and Watershed Progressive (the project manager) at a community workshop. Attendees enjoyed a wonderful, educational tour of the new park, which included hands-on training with a variety of stormwater re-use techniques that can be easily implemented at home. If we all implement these easy, water-saving practices at home, we can greatly improve drinking water supply reliability, water quality in Twain Harte Creek and Lake, ecosystem habitat, and fire resiliency around our homes and community.

We initially planned to open the park in early fall 2024, but with everything progressing so quickly, we're now aiming for a community celebration to commemorate the grand opening in August 2024. More details to follow - we can't wait!