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Drought Information

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The recent historic drought has taken a toll on California's water supply and landscape. We are reminded of it every time we look outside to see a forest peppered with dead, orange trees. Fortunately, we continue to survive. This is in large part due to water consumers across the State (especially in our District) matching historic drought with historic levels of conservation.  At times, our community conserved more than 50% (compared to 2013 usage).  We continue to use about 30% less than 2013, even though the District only asks for voluntary conservation.

The good news is that drought conditions have alleviated after last year's heavy storms. Last year's precipitation and snowpack were nearly twice normal levels, but after missing out on about two years worth of rainfall, you can still see the aftermath of the drought in our vegetation.

The Governor has lifted the drought emergency for most of California; however, our county remains under the emergency declaration until important drought-related projects are complete.  

For more information regarding drought, rainfall, snowpack and water supply, please check out the links below: